EasyBroadcast propose a hybrid solution combining standard unicast delivery (CDN) model with Peer-to-Peer adaptive streaming mode. Our protocol is suitable for web working and enabled a smooth and preferment transition between the two distribution modes Clients/Servers and Peer-to-Peer. Each viewer begins with a well-chosen segment for a quick integration in the network. Afterward, it collect the segment needed from the source (CDN or Viewers) that can provide it most quickly, significantly improving quality of service. Each viewer can acts as a server as soon as it receives segments of video or audio content. Our solution reduces dependence on CDNs and ensures that viewers can continue watching the live event even if part of the CDN infrastructure fails. Bandwidth costs can be cut by up to 75% for video contents and up to 90% for audio content with an effective hybrid solution. Viewers are selected intelligently via geolocation and QoS matching algorithms to be connected to each other for optimising connections and turning large audiences into asset.

How it works

Without EasyBroadcast

Each viewer connects to a central server when streaming video content. At peak viewing times, bottleneks cause frequent buffering and diminished user experience.

With EasyBroadcast

Viewers obtain first segments from the server and the rest directly from each other, helping optimize traffic flows. Streaming speeds increase, bandwidth costs drop and user experience improves.