EasyBroadcast solution

End-to-end solution to stream live and VoD content

EasyBroadcast offers an innovative end-to-end OTT streaming solution, from ingesting content to delivering it. Our patented technology aims to reduce your streaming CDN bandwidth while improving the quality of your video and audio content.

You are an enterprise? We strive at making enterprise video distribution simple to deploy and powerful with our viewer-based delivery patented technology. You are a broadcaster? whether you are streaming the major sport event of the season, a breaking news coverage or your latest entertainment hit, live or VOD, EasyBroadcast deal is a win-win one.

End-to-end OTT solutions

web & mobile CMS site

Bring your TV channel to the web and mobile era

Visually appealing web & mobile site for your audience

Publish all types of content easily with our backend

Monetize your content with your own banner Ads and Google AdSense

easy implementation

Simply register to get an API Key
Copy and paste EasyBroadcast’s JS into your site
Less than 9 KBs of code


Hybrid working (Client/Server and Users "P2P")
Reduce the load over the server
Provide a better QoS for the end-users

PATENTED technology

Patent-pending solution
Built on the latest Internet technologies
Suitable for Web working

High security

Communications are encrypted ensuring the security and integrity of stream

EasyBroadcast team

They trust us

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